IP Promotion Outreach Foundation

Training and development to empower IP aspirants and businesses

At IPPO, we educate and nurture the knowledge of IP amongst young individuals, in-house corporates and those who wish to develop their career in the burgeoning field of Intellectual Property.

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Protect your startup's ideas, processes, and content, counter budgetary constraints, and determine the patentability of your product or service with our customized service offerings, and realize the true potential of your startup.

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Safeguard existing practices to protect the core offerings of your corporation, regardless of them being patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets or just employee knowledge with the right policies and procedures.

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IP is more important than ever

Intellectual property has become one of the most important aspects of our lives. With the transformation of the world through art and science, there is an explosion of content all over the world, which needs to be preserved and protected. Your business ideas need IPR protection, which plays an important role in gaining a competitive edge in this market driven economy.

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IPPO is the right place to start

The role of IPPO is to provide a central platform to entrepreneurs for various IP related activities that boost networking and implementation, as well as increase awareness through seminars and online guidance sessions. The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise sector needs to focus on commercialization of technology, promotion of innovative products through IPR protection, implementation, awareness and training.

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